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Two Club Sports in One Team

Intercollegiate Dressage Association

The first component of UKDET is the Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) team. The IDA team competes at different schools throughout the region against other collegiate level riders with the goal of attending nationals. Having your own horse is not required for this branch of the team. Riders interested in competing on the IDA team will be required to attend team tryout which will be held early September. Participating on the IDA team has an additional cost associated with it. Trying out for and competing on the IDA team are not required to be a member of UKDET. More information and details can be found later in this packet.

Intercollegiate Eventing League

The second leg of UKDET is the eventing component of the team. Each semester, UDKET sends at least one team to an Intercollegiate Eventing League (IEL) show. Members in good standing with the team will be reimbursed some of their expenses for the show and carpool and trailer to the shows together, as many of them are several hours away. There are no tryouts for this team and we strive to send as many horse and rider combinations as possible to the shows. Riders are required to either have their own horse or make arrangements on their own to acquire a mount. Details will be discussed throughout the year regarding these shows and more information about this year’s plans will be shared in meetings.

2016 – 2017

UKDET Officers

Taylor Pence Email Taylor

Vice President
Lexie Samuels Contact Lexie

Hollis Glowniak Contact Hollis

Erin Suidikas Contact Erin

Eventing Chair
Michaela Yowaiski Contact Michaela

Public Relations
Anna Robinson Contact Anna

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