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About IDA and IEL


Intercollegiate Dressage Association

As mentioned before, IDA is a branch of the UK Dressage and Eventing Team. Members of the IDA team show on teams of four with a rider at First Level, Upper Training, Lower Training, and Intro. Host colleges provide the horses that riders will compete, adding a level of difficulty.

Our coach is Maria Montalvo. Tryouts and lessons will be given at her farm, Serenity Springs, at 1310 Keene South Elkhorn Road, Nicholasville, Kentucky. The farm is approximately 25 minutes from campus and ride sharing to the farm is usually an option.

  • Riders wishing to ride on the IDA team must tryout and be chosen for the team. There is no preference given to riders on the team years prior, giving all riders a level playing field.
  • Tryouts will be Saturday, September 19th and results will be announced within a week of tryouts.
  • Tryouts will consist of riders being warmed up for 10 minutes by Maria then riding an already memorized test in front of a judge.
  • Tryouts will cost $25, half the cost of a typical lesson and all riders, regardless of making the team or not, will be required to pay the fee prior to trying out.
  • Tryouts will be held each semester and riders must tryout again in January if they would like to remain on the IDA team.
  • Two girls will be chosen for each level. One week prior to the show date, riders chosen for the show will be notified. Even if you are not riding, you will still be expected to attend IDA shows and support the team. The rider that is chosen will be based on if the riders are up to date with their lessons with Maria, as well as UKDET involvement.
IDA Costs
  • There are additional fees associated with the IDA team that are not included in UKDET dues, including annual dues of $35 paid to IDA.
  • All IDA team members must take eight lessons per semester with Maria. It is your job to contact Maria and set up a time for these lessons throughout the semester. We recommend two per month. Any missed lessons will not be refunded at the end of the semester. Lessons are $50 each so the total for one semester is $400. Additional lessons can be scheduled with Maria and are encouraged.
  • Maria’s coaching fee for each show will be covered by the team, but the cost of gas and hotel will be split between all girls attending the show.
  • Any IDA member not in good standing with UKDET will not be allowed to show with the IDA team.
  • Any class time missed for an IDA show will be an excused absence, although missing class is not generally necessary for the shows.
  • You have been given a calendar with this packet that shows the dates of each IDA show. As soon as you have been selected for the team, you should consider these weekends busy as most shows are away shows and you will be gone for a large part of the weekend.


Intercollegiate Eventing League

The Intercollegiate Eventing League is the association that college-aged event riders compete through. Four riders of any levels can be on a team together and will compete against other collegiate teams from the east coast. These competitions are ridden on your own horse, or a lease or borrowed horse, and are located along the east coast.

Typically we attend Team Challenge in Lexington, Kentucky or Chattahoochee Hills in Fairburn, Georgia in the fall and FENCE in Tyron, North Carolina in the spring. For members in good standing with the club, a portion of your entry fee will be covered by UKDET. Typically, there are plenty of opportunities for ride-sharing and stabling as a team at events.

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