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So Many Reasons to Be a Member of UKDET

So Many Reasons to Be a Member of UKDET
So Many Reasons to Be a Member of UKDET

Get Involved

One of the best parts of the UK Dressage and Eventing Team is that members are given free rein as to how involved or uninvolved they wish to be with the team! Ultimately, the more involved that you are with the team, the more you will get out of being a team member. We have a few requirements for members to remain in good standing, but with regards to coaches, riding, horses, and barns, our members are welcome to do whatever they please. Our main goal is to provide a positive and encouraging team that promotes learning and healthy team relationships!

  • As a member of the UK Dressage and Eventing Team, you will be given the opportunity to participate in Intercollegiate Dressage Association (IDA) and Intercollegiate Eventing League (IEL) shows.
  • Members receive discounts and early entry opportunities to clinics hosted by the team. Past clinicians have included Will Coleman, Allie Knowles, Reese Koffler-Stanfield, Eric Dierks, and Katy Groesbeck.
  • Members receive a $25 discount on their USEA membership as long as they are in good standing with UKDET.
  • Members also receive free admission to many events, as well as volunteer opportunities not offered to the public (such as the Rolex Kentucky 3-day event).
  • Reimbursement of some expenses associated with showing at events when on a UKDET sponsored team.
To be in good standing with the team, there are a few things we require of you. Members no longer in good standing will not receive the benefits associated with being a member of the club.

  • Attendance at all meetings unless arrangements are made with the Secretary in advance.
    • Meetings are held every other Wednesday at 8:00.
    • We understand that studies and work are important. We love for our members to be well rounded. That being said, to have your absence marked as excused, you must contact the current secretary prior to the start of the meeting to let her know that you will not be in attendance.
    • Two unexcused absences are allowed per semester for the member to remain in good standing.
  • Dues
    • Dues are $50 per semester and are due by October 12th.
    • After the October 12th meeting, dues will increase to $65.
  • Volunteer Activates
    • Each member is required to complete at least two team volunteer opportunities per semester.
    • There are generally several of these each semester although we encourage everyone to start early so you do not run out of time at the end of the semester.
    • These activities serve to strengthen our bond with the Lexington horse community and allow members to mingle and develop connections throughout the industry.
  • The university does not sponsor UKDET; therefore we receive very little funds through the school. This means we must rally to obtain funds for ourselves.
  • The team must front all of the costs associated with bringing in clinicians so funds are always in demand. In an effort to keep dues affordable and continue to offer members clinic discounts, we work around the clock to raise money for the team.
  • Activities such as our fall jumper show and spring hunter pace are large money makers for the team and members are expected to either be in attendance participating in the show or volunteering to keep the show running.
  • Fundraising ideas are always welcome!

Sign Up with OrgSync

  • UKDET uses OrgSync to poll the club, set up trailer rides, and keep record of club dues.
  • This is an excellent place to answer many questions you may have.

Join Us on Facebook

  • Join the UKDET Facebook page to stay up to date about meeting dates, team happenings, and all things UKDET.
  • We have two pages, UK Dressage and Eventing @UKDET (public) and UKDET (private, members must be approved). We recommend that you follow both!
  • This is a great place to post questions about the team or Lexington horse community as well.


UKDET membership

Team Bonding

Having a good time no matter what we are doing is a priority for UKDET. Events such as team cookouts, group gym days, horse shows and UK sponsored club competitions (such as Ag Week) serve to bring members together and make everyone feel welcomed. Going to horse shows, sitting in class and working out at the gym are all much more enjoyable with a UKDET friend! These relationships can sometimes lead to connections for trailering and horse leasing, which always come in handy.


Big/Little System- New for this year!

  • Incoming members will be assigned to an upperclassman member of the team as their own, personal “go-to” person.
  • Your Big’s job is to be there to answer all your questions. This is the person you are encouraged to contact regarding meeting dates, times, ride sharing, equine community connections, and becoming more involved in the team. They are also here to help with all things college. If you want an honest opinion about a class or need directions somewhere, feel free to contact your Big.
  • Have fun with it! Get to know your Big! We don’t anticipate you becoming best friends with your Big, (although why not!?) but you should feel comfortable coming to them with questions, so go grab some dinner and get to know them!

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